One of my hobbies is breeding of waterfowl

If You do not know what is waterfowl You can see a few photographs and a few words about its.
For breeders is here a few links to breeders web pages.

What is waterfowl ?

It is circa 160 kinds of gooses, sheldgooses, sheldducks, whistlingducks, swans, ducks, pochards,
eiders, ....... which are living in free nature around all world. Major part of this is breeding also
in captivity and a few of its are back emit into nature.
If You know only domestic ducks and gooses You must know that "nature" waterfowl is colored
and very various. Here is a little demonstration.




Variety is not only in colour but also in size (15dkg - 16 kg), voices, nesting,....
Only thing that this birds have common is water. Water in ponds, lakes, rivers and seas and oceans.
They need water for their life because water gives them food, security, .....

I was starting breeding of waterfowl in year 1995 and now i have at home 26 species + 6 mutations. 
I am a member of  
Czech club of breeders of pheasants, waterfowl and doves and that is way
I have contacts with many czech breeders. I am also corresponding with breeders from all world.

And here is a few informations about my breeding